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Over 15 months into the pandemic, businesses continue to adapt to dynamic realities. With enterprises implementing work-home-crisis policies, you may notice small changes when they’re comparing pre-pandemic operations to today. The business leaders overcompensate for the isolation and reduced visibility across channels from popular remote models with collaboration solutions. As a result, employees flood in a sea of interruptions, connecting to co-workers across multiple Microsoft Teams to Google Workplace applications. 

As hybrid models become a more permanent fixture, SMBs still face the challenge of improving productivity from a fully remote workplace. Organizations need to introduce online collaboration tools with infinite flexibility, whether it’s for supporting new “work from employees” policies, allowing integration in temporary office spaces. 

Finding the right Collaboration Software can be challenging. If you’re in the process of looking for an intranet portal for employees, here are some core factors you should consider. 

Synchronized with your business goals

Different organizations have distinct goals and pain points. We suggest you identify your goals and challenges by mind mapping with your teams and getting feedback from your clients. Then, search for a collaboration platform that helps you sync with your business goals and addresses business challenges. 

Are you missing project deadlines due to frequent miscommunication? Do you want to accent your marketing campaigns? Or do you need to manage a new project and create a different team for it? Different tools vary features that fit a team’s unique needs. 

Moreover, you also have to take your business’s future needs into account. With uncertain times, you might need to develop new long-term strategies that require using collaborative platforms. 

Security Features 

People often overlook Security features when considering collaborative solutions for their employees. End-to-end encryption and multilevel authentication are some features to look into for secure mobility, especially if you have employees working remotely. 

According to McAfee, there have been a total of 16 million intrusive software attempts in the past decade. Security features allow you and your team to work seamlessly together while still enjoying safe access. 

Collaborative Features


After you identify your business goals and challenges, we suggest you check if the collaboration software you’re considering offers a compatible use within your organization. There may be multiple computer platforms in the workplace and remote settings, so you need to ensure that the collaboration tool you pick can work with different types of operating systems. 

Software Interface

An organization has multiple teams responsible for different roles. While some desk-based workers can work in production lines, warehouse use, or work remotely. Avoid opting for collaborative tools that are feature-rich yet difficult to handle. Instead, the software that you choose should work across the board with transparent conversation and easy connection. 

Brownie points for a user-friendly interface and easy content navigation. 


The right collaboration solutions encourage employees to perform better and make it easier to be at their best. We suggest you be mindful of how to select collaboration solutions and the core aspects that are useful for your business, and you’d be able to streamline how you work. 

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