dog boarding in Sydney

When planning to take a vacation or go on a work trip, leaving your dog in a boarding facility is one of the best options. 

However, if you’re thinking about boarding your furry friend for the first time, there must be a lot of unanswered questions that you may have.

We know it can be a bit nerve-wracking to leave your dog alone, and you want your canine pal to receive the best possible care.

Relieve some of your stress with our six essential tips to should know before leaving your canine in a dog boarding services: 

1. Do Thorough Research

Before leaving your furry friend at a boarding facility, make sure to conduct comprehensive research. 

Start by visiting the boarding’s website to learn more about their dog boarding services. Also, you can read reviews and seek recommendations from friends, family, or your veterinarian for reputable dog boarding services in Sydney.

Apart from this, schedule a tour of the facility, if possible. Look for cleanliness, well-maintained spaces, and positive interactions between staff and dogs. 

2. Review the Boarding’s Rules and Policies

When leaving your dog in a new dog accommodation, it is advised to talk to boarding staff regarding any policies and rules that they may have. You can ask questions like:

  • What kind of food do they provide, and can you provide your own?
  • What are their requirements regarding dog vaccinations?
  • What is their exercise schedule?
  • What items can your dog bring from home?
  • What will they do in case of a medical emergency?
  • What are their rules regarding booking and cancellation?

These are some things that will help you decide regarding the facility where you are about to leave your furry friend.

3. Make Sure that Your Dog’s Vaccinations are Up-to-Date 

Even though every dog boarding in Sydney will have different criteria for admittance, one thing is sure – every reputable accommodation will need a record of up-to-date vaccinations upon entry. 

This is because dogs are prone to catching different kinds of diseases, especially in boarding facilities where there are tons of dogs under one roof. 

Ensuring all dogs are up-to-date on vaccinations and health checks reduces the risk of your pet or other dogs becoming sick.

4. Check Your Dog For Ticks and Fleas Before Boarding

Ticks and fleas often affect dogs, particularly those who enjoy off-leash activities in wooded areas or at the dog park. So, before dropping off your dog at the boarding facility, conduct a thorough check for ticks and fleas. 

These parasites can spread quickly in a communal environment like a boarding facility, potentially affecting other dogs. 

Ensure your dog is free of ticks and fleas, and if you do find any, treat your dog with anti-tick and flea medication before their stay.

5. Practice Socialisation

If your dog is not accustomed to being around other dogs and people, it is essential to socialise them beforehand. 

Proper socialisation can avoid fear and anxiety when introducing them to a new environment. It also helps them to experience new things without hesitation and with confidence.

Taking your dog on morning and evening walks or taking them to a dog park will give them a chance to interact and play with other dogs and make new friends. Doing this will teach them to adjust and be comfortable with multiple dogs in different situations.

6. Share Details of Necessary Medication (If Any)

If your dog requires any particular medication, provide clear instructions to the boarding staff. For example, if your dog is prone to ear infections, they might need daily ear drops or some other medication.

Also, ensure that you provide enough medication for the duration of your dog’s stay, along with clear labelling. 

This will also help the boarding staff administer the medication accurately and according to your dog’s needs.

Final Words

So, now that you know the things you should do before boarding your furry friend, you can go on your long-awaited vacation in peace. 

Through research, communication, and thoughtful considerations, you’ve set the stage for a positive boarding experience. 

Trust that your furry friend will be well-cared for and make the most of your time away. Bon voyage!

By ashish

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