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We all desire to use a smartwatch and go well with the technology. However, if you buy a smartwatch you will be broke from your bank account and worse if you want to have an apple smartwatch then you will have to buy an iPhone to pair it with, that means even if we save every penny of our money it won’t be enough. 

With the increasing popularity, the expenses also increased and many of us could not afford a smartwatch with tight budget plans of ours. That’s when brands with cheaper price manufacture smartwatches come as our savior. If you’re just trying out smartwatches and you don’t go overboard with your pocket or if you are on a tight budget that doesn’t allow you spend much but you still want to wear a smartwatch and experience it then this article is for you, all the below mentioned smartwatches are under $30.

Are cheap smartwatches worth it?

Cheap smartwatches are often misconceptions as insatiable and not worth the money. While some smartwatches make mistakes, it is not entirely true because there are smartwatches that work almost equal to the high-end and expensive smartwatches. For example, the All Call smartwatch retails for less than $30 on Amazon, which is immensely cheaper than any other Samsung or apple smartwatches.

And it works just as fine as the high-end smartwatches, it has all the needed features and capabilities of a good smartwatch. If you are just starting with smartwatches and save your bank account from going down you should opt for cheaper smartwatches.

  • Willful Smart Watch version IP68

Willful smartwatch version IP68 is the latest launch in 2020, which is versatile for both men and women. The band size width is 5.7 to 9.2 inches while the watch is not fully touchscreen operated you can use the home button for easy navigation and changing of apps rather than swiping motion. This thinnest smartwatch is compatible with all android mobile users.

It has 11 sports modes from running to swimming, this allows you to track the exercise you are doing or practicing at that time of the day. Along with the fitness trackers, you can use the GPS navigation connecting with your phone and it can track your real-time distance and speed.

The willful smartwatch is water-resistant and has 3 watch faces which you can change according to your mood. The smartwatch has a 24-hour heart rate monitor and collects the data of your overall health and shows it in your watch and on your android mobile, this enhances the knowledge in your diet, medications, and physical activities.

  • WJPILIS Smart Watch

WJPILIS smartwatch has a touchscreen display of 3 inches. The dimensions are 2.95 x 3.11 x 3.54 inches. The overall weight of the product is 4.2 ounces. The watch is compatible with iOS and Android phones; you can easily pair your smartwatch with your phone and get all notifications, calls, texts, and alerts to your wrist.

It has a 400 mAH long battery life, which is larger than most of the cheap smartwatches available. The smartwatch has an all day fitness tracking sensor that tracks all your physical activity and calorie burn. The sleep monitor keeps track and records your sleep patterns. You can even see your 3 party applications from your smartwatch by connecting Bluetooth to your phone and smartwatch.  

  • GBD Smart Watch

GBD Smart Watch IP67 has a 1.3 inches color screen display with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. It is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. The watch has multiple language settings such as English, French, and Chinese. It is IP67 water-resistant and sweat-proof. The watch is designed with advanced technology.

The smartwatch has various features including pedometer, basketball, skipping rope, cycling, badminton, sleep monitor, sedentary alert, heart rate monitor and blood pressure sensor, etc. that give you complete data of your health whenever you want and stores the data, you can easily use these features by connecting the smartwatch with your phone and miss no important alerts or reminders. 

  • AllCall Smart Watch

AllCall Smart Watch is a versatile smartwatch for men, women, and kids which is compatible with both android and iOS phones. It has a 1.3 inches touchscreen display that is bright and visible. The overall weight of the watch is 58 grams. It has a longer multi-day battery life of up to 4 days.

The All Call smartwatch is IP68 waterproof which is perfect for swimming, hiking, and during summer. It can be used as a remote to control your camera and music, which comes in handy while you are playing or working. It has several features to help in your everyday routine, such as an activity tracker to detect all your physical exercises all along the day. Sleep and heart rate monitoring helps in keeping track of your health and sleep patterns, it stores the data in your smartwatch and phone. 

  • CanMixs Smart Watch 

CanMixs Smart Watch is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. It has a 1.4-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, which makes the screen clear and bright to the eye. The overall weight of the product is 43.9g, the smartwatch has multiple watch faces, you can even set your face as a watch face.

It has various tech features such as heart rate monitor, sleep pattern tracker, 8 sports mode that includes running, swimming, badminton, basketball, etc. which shows your fitness and health in detailed data and stores it in the smartwatch. By connecting with your smartwatch you will get all your notifications, calls, and alerts to your wrist. The smartwatch is IP67 water-proof.

  • AMENON Fitness Tracker Watch

AMENON Fitness Tracker Watch is a smartwatch watch which is made for both men and women with a 1.3-inch full touchscreen display and replaceable silicone straps. The watch can be paired with both iOS and Android phones. The overall weight of the product is 36 grams.

The smartwatch has multiple features like fitness trackers from pedometer to swimming which keeps track of your every step and calorie burn that day. Heart rate monitor, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and sleep monitor helps in enhancing the knowledge in your health and have a balanced diet, medications, and activities.  

  • Beauly Smart Watch

Beauly Smart Watch is compatible with all android and iOS phones, which are made specifically for women, girls, and kids. It has a 1.54 inches LCD touchscreen display. You can easily get all smart notifications and calls at your wrist by connecting your phone via Bluetooth 3.0.

The smartwatch even has a sim card slot so you can use the watch separately from your phone. It has many sensors and features like pedometers, sedentary reminders, sleep monitoring, etc. connecting with Bluetooth allows you to install 3rd party applications like Facebook, Instagram, etc. It can be used as a remote for a camera and music player.

  • 21OU Smart Watch

321OU Smart Watch is compatible with both iOS and Android phones for men and women. It has a 3-inch full-screen touch display. By connecting with your smartphone, get all notifications, calls, and texts to your smartwatch. They have provided a sim card slot so you can use your smartwatch as a real smartphone.

The smartwatch has many features like a Pedometer, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, GPS helps keep track of your steps, exercise, and calorie burn of the day. It tracks your activities all day and stores the data in the smartwatch and sends information to your phone too.


As we at Forbes Pro Magazine went on a quest to find you the cheapest and best smartwatches, we are certain that you can now find the smartwatch you have been searching for the longest time. In this post, we have only included smartwatches that are under $30 and are almost equal to the famous and expensive smartwatches. These smartwatches are trusted and reviewed to be the best among the affordable smartwatches.


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