A Life-Altering Guide To Stay Cool In Human Hair Wigs This Summer

Styling hair is cool and all, but it makes trouble when there’s summer. You can easily manage to style hair flawlessly in winter, but it’s not the same when you have to bear the scorching heat. Plus, when you are a full-time wig wearer, it is not that easy. If you are worried enough to style the wig the right way and staying cool in the summers, now is the right time to share the guide to perfectly wear human hair wigs. While it’s easy to say that you can just put the hair up in a pony, it does not feel the same when you actually practice it. Sure, it is a two minute game with natural hair, but when it’s a wig, where to start?

The very first challenge you face is that wigs are ideal to use when the hair is directed downwards and not up. You may also wonder what cap constructions to use and which style would look good. Here’s everything you need to know. 

What Cap Constructions are Best To Prefer


It is best to start with the most breathable cap, which is called Traditional or Capless. As the name suggests, these caps are made with openings that allow air to pass throughout the cap. It does not feel like a weight on the hair and almost feels like it’s even not there. The air flows freely throughout; therefore, it’s breathable and cool. 

Lace Front:

Human hair lace front wigs are tied by hands and made to mimic your own hairline. It allows you to tie the hair off from the face to avoid sweating. Try the hairstyles that let you set the bangs back or to the side with the help of headband or hair accessories. 

Styling human hair wigs

If you want to style your favorite human hair wigs perfectly, it might help start with a complete kit of wig care set designed particularly for human hair wigs. Giving nice care to hair wigs and maintaining their quality makes them ready for numerous wig styles. Using a hair care kit offers effective care for the wig. Start with washing your human hair wig with a suitable shampoo. Let the wig dry, and then comb it with a wig detangling comb. Use a wig brush to untangle it from the base to the ends gently. Remember to remove tangles first from the bottom and then at the top to avoid breakage. Then you can start styling your hair wig with accessories like rollers, straighteners, etc., to give it the preferred style. 

There are some popular and easy hairstyles to go that every woman or man would love. Whether you have human hair lace wigs or synthetic hair wigs, these styles are real quick and easy to try. Use a hair accessory to add a beautiful twist to your wig. Prefer using a headband, scarf, or a hair clip to transform the wig style into a new mix. Keep changing accessories for a different look every day. If you would like something subtle and familiar, pick a style that feels natural and suits your cut. Another way to create new styles is by using hair bobbles and slides. 

Depending on the wig’s hair length, a half-down style would be excellent to enhance your face’s features. If it’s shoulder-length, style it into a straight bob wig to make it look as natural as possible. Whatever you do, remember to keep it messy and let the banks fall naturally to make it look real. 

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