Atheism Or Living With The Facts

Having my eyes closed, whenever I think of a supernatural power, wondering in the darkness, I end up with the regular question ‘who has created this universe?’ Whether I don’t know, or don’t want to know or else don’t have the ability to know, fortunately this question has never made me remain in the doldrums as it has done to many others.

Once I had a conversation with my teacher. It was, as usual, a question-answer session.

Teacher        : This universe has been created by the Creator.

Me               : Who is the creator?

Teacher        : God.

Me               : Who is God?

Teacher        : Don’t you believe in God?

Me               : Before believing, I have to know who He is.

Teacher        : Who, you think, has created this universe?

Me               : I think it’s created by itself. (The bell rang. Everyone left along with my furious teacher and me.)

There was no place of any doubt in me while giving the answer. But the confusion prevailed as soon as I finished with my answer. I was scared of the imagination of being counterattacked by my teacher. I had no logic to support my answer. What made me reply in such a way so spontaneously without any hesitation? I don’t know.

But it’s true that I have never had the curiosity to know anything other than the materialistic world. Some say this is called “atheism” but according to me ‘I am living with the facts.’ Life can be led with a simple theory. ‘Observe the good work of your fellow people. Try to do it the same way. Learn from your mistakes and move forward by avoiding them in the future.’

Believing in what you have seen or experienced is, in other words, considered as honesty. Hence those whom we considered as atheists are actually much more honest to themselves than the rest of others. If the core principles of every religion are the same, one can live with those values without preferring to belong to a certain community. And those who force or allure others to make them believe in their own point of view are actually fundamentalists.

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