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Leaving your beloved cat behind when you’re away is a concern among many pet owners. That’s where cat boarding services step in, providing a secure and comfortable space for your feline companion. These specialised facilities are designed to ensure your cat’s well-being, offering a home away from home while you attend to your commitments.

However, as a responsible pet owner, it’s only natural to have questions about the service. After all, it’s about entrusting your pet’s care to someone you don’t know much about. So, today, we are going to address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding cat boarding in Sydney

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and put your mind at ease about these services.


  • What Exactly is a Cat Boarding?

Cat Boarding is a service provided by professional facilities that offers a temporary home for your feline friend when you’re out of the station and are unable to take care of your cat. These facilities are equipped with cosy bedding, toys and dedicated staff to care for your cat.


  • What to Expect When Boarding a Cat?

When you board your cat, you can expect them to have a comfortable and secure environment. Reputable facilities offer regular playtime and plenty of opportunities for socialisation with other cats and humans, keeping your cat happy and engaged. They’ll also receive proper and premium meals and any necessary medications if required.


  • How Stressful is it for a Cat to be Boarded?

It’s natural for cats to experience some level of stress when they’re introduced to a new environment. However, with the right preparation and a reputable boarding facility, the stress is typically minimal. Cats are remarkably adjustable, and with a bit of time, they usually settle in and enjoy their vacation at a home away from home.


  • What Should I Pack For My Cat’s Stay?

When packing for your cat’s stay, make sure to bring familiar items to make them feel at home. This includes their favourite toys, a bed, and a piece of your clothing for added comfort. 

Don’t forget to provide their regular food, especially if your cat suffers from any allergy or is a picky eater. Last but not least, inform the boarding staff of any specific dietary requirements and medications that are crucial for your cat.


  • Is My Cat Safe at a Boarding Facility?

Absolutely. Cat boardings have strict safety measures in place. All cats are required to be up-to-date with vaccinations to prevent the spread of diseases. In addition, these facilities have secure enclosures and trained staff to monitor the cat’s activities, ensuring their safety and well-being.


  • How Can I Make My Cat Boarding Less Stressful?

To minimise stress for your cat, start by choosing a facility suited to the unique needs of your feline friend. Also, bring familiar items like toys and bedding to provide comfort and a sense of belonging. Finally, spend some quality time with your cat before dropping them off, and maintain a calm and reassuring demeanour. These steps can help ease their transition into their temporary home.


  • Can I check in on My Cat While I’m Away?

Most cat boarding facilities are happy to provide updates on your cat’s well-being. They may send pictures or brief messages to keep you informed. However, it’s important to remember that your cat might need a little time to adjust to their new surroundings, so it’s best not to disrupt their routine too much.


  • Why is My Cat so Tired After Boarding?

After a stay at a boarding facility, it’s common for cats to be a bit more tired than usual. This is because they’ve likely been engaging in more activity and playtime than they would at home. It’s a sign that they’ve been well taken care of and have had opportunities to exercise and socialise.



So there you have it, a comprehensive guide to addressing some of the most common questions about boarding services. While it’s natural for both you and your cat to feel a little hesitant at first, rest assured that with the proper preparation and a reliable boarding facility, your furry friend will be in good hands. 

So go ahead and plan your trip without worrying about your cat. Safe travels for you, and a happy stay for your feline friend at Noah’s Ark Pets!

By ashish

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