Custom Die cut Boxes

Packaging is not a new concept in brand marketing. In fact, the idea of packaging was established after the 19th century. By then, all companies and industries are working on their packaging style to provide ease to customers. If you’re doing any business and want to bring something special to your packaging then custom die cut boxes are the best option for you. They are special in a way that you can change their shape and style with your requirements.

Die cut boxes are not only designed for your brand’s products. They are best for your luxurious gifts too because they give a safe home for your products during their shipping moreover their appealing styles and designs enhance your overall product look. In this blog, you will learn all the necessary information regarding the die cut boxes. So keep scrolling!

What Are They?

Custom printed die cut boxes are special kinds of boxes that are made with corrugated cardboard paper and they are cut in a unique shape by placing them in die cutting machine. Their paper materials are reusable and have high flexibility that gives you an opportunity to easily change their shape and styles to meet with latest trends and styles without wasting money.

Manufacturing Techniques Of Die Cut Boxes 

Normal boxes can easily be made unique by cutting them in a unique way. That’s why die cut boxes are made stylish by their cutting styles. There are many ways that are used in their manufacturing process. Let’s see what are they:

  • Cutting
  • Scoring
  • Creasing
  • Perforating
  • By Cutting Method 

This is a unique method as they are the most commonly used way of designing your boxes. Through cutting, special designs are created on these boxes. 

  • By Scoring Method 

Scoring is the process of pressing the crease on sheet paper to fold it perfectly into a desirable shape. Scoring basically creates textures and imprints on the boxes and also maintains the stress point in order to provide an ideal shape to your boxes.

  • By Creasing Method

A fold line folds the material inwards by using the two stress sides created with a thin strip of steel and their flexible parallel sides easily change into any shapes.

  • By Perforating Method

Perforation is actually die cutting technique where the components can not be separated but the incorporation of the holes is performed because it weakens that part so that it can be torn easily to create unique shapes of custom die cut folders.


Key Points Of Using Die Cut Boxes 

Custom die cut boxes demands are rising due to their mind-blowing features. They are used for multiple purposes for brand products, gift packaging, and for luxurious products to deliver them safely. Let’s see their key features:

  • Offers Versatility 

Every brand wants to stand out in the crowded market.Die cut boxes give you a fun way to create your brand identity and attracts customers easily by designing your box into different shapes and styles. You can add different embellishments to make your boxes elegant. The addition of unique features also enhances the box look by adding windows on your boxes. You can get a sneak peek look at your product boxes. 

  • Ensure Product Safety 

During transportation, the great thing about which the brands are really worried is its safety. Delicate products are packed in a box that fits them perfectly in order to prevent collisions. To avoid breakage, leakage, or any other environmental damage, die cut boxes wholesale serve greatly. Thus minimizing the collisions and providing the ultimate protection to your sensitive products during shipping.

  • Printing Options  

Die cut boxes are designed with a variety of printing options. There are many printing styles and printing techniques in the market. You can select any styles that go with your branding style. We have many options in printing styles like full color printing, PMS printing, one color printing, and outside and inside full printing. There is also a variety of printing techniques like lithography, flexography, digital printing, and screen printing. You can enhance your box look by incorporating printing styles and brand printed logos on your boxes that help you to build your brand image.

Final Words

Custom die cut boxes are different from other packaging due to their die cut styles and protective features. They give you dual benefits at the cheapest price. In this blog, I delivered all the information that will help you in designing your boxes and we discussed what benefits you get from them by delivering your brand’s products in die cut packaging.


By ashish

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