Weightlifting or powerlifting is a very demanding sport. Even a minor fault can result in a severe injury that can take you to bed rest for weeks. In worst-case scenarios, you won’t be able to even walk for months. So, safety is the most crucial factor while weightlifting equipment.

Before anything else, note that any apparel (like weightlifting singlet mens), footwear, and accessories must comply with IWF regulations. Every detail, whether tiny or major, can be the difference between failure or a medal. Therefore, it’s vital to select weightlifting equipment that offers the right support and is also comfortable, eligible, and practical for competition.

Here is the equipment you need for weightlifting: 


Check that your belt matches the IWF standards. Generally, these are 10cm wide to offer comfortable back support with tapers off on the front side. Some belts also have a little extra padding on the back. The most popular options are suede & leather. Yet, some also prefer the Velcro belt as it offers extra mobility.

About thickness, the powerlifting belts are usually 10mm and 13mm thick. 

Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves are for joint support and to provide warmth. For weightlifting, you should go for the one that covers the joints without affecting mobility. Rigid or thicker options are not favorable here because when you pull the weight in the bottom of a squat, a thick sleeve limits your ability to achieve depth. However, a too lighter sleeve may make you feel uncomfortable during the last round of your competition. The ideal option is not so thick and not too light. 


The women or men’s weightlifting singlet must fit comfortably as you have to wear it for a long duration on the day of competition.  It carries your weight as an item of clothing and ensures that your muscular portions are accurately lifted. 

When you use the right weightlifting singlet, it not only prevents you from any mishap during training but also boosts your lifting performance.  That is why these are a compulsory part of participant’s clothing in a weightlifting competition. You can wear tight-fitting shorts over or under the singlet and a short-sleeved t-shirt underneath.

Wrist Straps

This equipment, with its elastic, supports the wrist while lifting and keeps weight stable overhead. Some lifters prefer not to use these, while others choose their variations that feature a thumb loop. It is available in different varieties. Most use Velcro to fasten, and a few use a metal fastener.

Lastly, whether it’s lifting singlet for mens or knee sleeves, make sure you only use the high-quality gears. Stay tuned for more posts like this. 

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