John Franklin once said, “Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance.” In other words, one can easily turn their dreams for an elegant home into reality by opting for simple yet precise details for every nook and corner. Now that we are talking about interior design, let’s start with the furnishing of the bathroom, the significant essence of the home.

Luxuriousness is the ultimate aim when one plans to embellish the bathroom arena. Out of all the accessories, it is the selection of bathroom vanities that can make or break the look, depending on the quality and its suitability with the overall space. Be it a smaller size or 60-inch double sink vanity; you have to be inch-perfect to relish the home of your dreams. 

We know that now you are an eager beaver to give your bathroom a voguish makeover. Thus, to help you out, here we list-down the essential tips to choose the right bathroom vanity for its super luxurious look. Check-out!

What Are Your Needs?

Depending upon the number of family members at home, you may have varying needs behind updating your bathroom with vanities. It is foremost to consider who will use that bathroom or whether you have to share the bathroom with other family members in the morning.

If this is the case, you ought to cherry-pick double sink bathroom vanity so that you and your family members can have enough storage space. 

What Is The Size And Proportion Of Your Bathroom?

Of course, you would not want your bathroom vanity to mess up with the available space or block the other accessories. It is why you have to select the vanities according to the size and proportions of the bathroom. Even though 36, 48, and 60-inch bathroom vanities with a single sink are standard options, you can go for a 72-inch vanity for larger-size bathroom space.

Besides, if you are yearning for more storage, make sure that the vanity has enough drawers and internal space to declutter the stuff. Double sink vanities are also a seamless option in such a case. Meanwhile, the width and height of the vanity should be proportional to the size of a bathroom.

Where Is The Plumbing Location?

The location of plumbing also plays a significant role in making decisions, especially when you have a specific budget. In short, it will help to save a great expanse of time and money if you do not have to install new plumbing pipes for vanity set up. 

Moreover, in such a situation, you can opt for floor-mounted vanity as they fit best with a typical plumbing layout. Thus, you can narrow down your choices based on the location of plumbing in your bathroom.

What Kind Of Material Do You Want?

Bathroom vanities come in varying materials, mainly solid wood, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, marble, oak, and many more. The choice of material for sink vanity can be made based on your budget and the surrounding environment.

For instance, 60-inch bathroom vanity with a double sink made of stainless steel forms the precise choice if the weather around you is always moist and wet. On other hand, if you are looking for utter grace and environment-friendly material, consider opting for OAK and bamboo vanities.

Bottom Line

Indeed, embellishing the bathroom can lead to a stunning makeover of the home. From small to standard 60-inch double sink vanities, choosing the seamless assortment can make this possible, and most probably beyond your wildest dreams. Thus, stop waiting longer and considering the aforesaid tips regarding bathroom vanities to enjoy life while living in a dazzling space.

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