Fix the misalignments with spherical plain bearings!

Spherical plain bearings are designed to consistently perform under lubrication and critical stress and used to accommodate shafts with varying misalignments. A spherical plain bearing is made up of a plain bearing and a ball bushing inside a cylindrical housing with a lining that helps to reduce friction and provide adequate lubrication. However, you can also avail yourself spherical plain bearings without lubrication. The metallic balls of the spherical plain bearing are made up of steel, bronze, or iron, whereas non-metallic balls are made up of plastic, nylon, etc. Balls made up of any of the material provides high-quality performance as compared to the traditional plain bearing.  

Applications of Spherical Plain Bearing

Spherical plain bearings are utilized for numerous purposes because they do not require much maintenance. Below listed are a few applications of the spherical plain bearing:

  1. Building bridges
  2. Constructing machinery
  3. Construction of railway stations
  4. Power Generation
  5. Roof designing
  6. Hydraulic steel structure
  7. Rolling mills
  8. Mining and aggregate processing
  9. Oil field exploration
  10. Wind turbines

The spherical plain bearings are also used in building aircrafts such as their:

  1. Engine mouths
  2. Wing flaps
  3. Joints 
  4. Hatches

The inner lining and outer ring of spherical plain bearings make them specifically suitable for :

  1. Arrangement of bearing where alignment movements between shaft and housing have to be accommodated.
  2. Where recurrent tilting or oscillating or slewing movements must be permitted at relatively slow sliding speeds.

What physical dimensions of spherical plain bearings should you consider?

The below-listed dimensions of spherical plain bearings can be measured in units such as inches (in), millimetres (mm), or centimetres (cm).

  1. Bore diameter
  2. Bearing thickness
  3. Length-through bore
  4. Outside diameter

The inner and outer ring’s sliding surfaces are made up of varied material to make different sliding contact surface combinations. The bronze sleeve bearing or bushing do not require maintenance, and their outer rings can be made from hardened chromium carbon steel or stainless steel. The outer rings of spherical plain bearings, on the other hand, are made of hardened carbon chromium steel, stainless steel, or copper alloy. 


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