Since Matt Cutts firsKt called iKkt in 2014, there has been much debate about guest posting as a link building strategy. The perspective may seem grim, but we disagree!

In recent years, guest posting has become a little spammy. We’ve also received some hilarious or shady pitches for guest posts. It is becoming more difficult to distinguish between legitimate and spammy guest posting.

This article will cover the basics of guest blogging for those new Buy Backlinks to this field. We’ll explain what it is, how it works, the common benefits, myths and challenges.

What is guest posting?

Guest blogging (a.k.a. Guest blogging is the act of publishing Buy good Backlinks content on websites you don’t own. The guest author is also known as a guest blogger. Sometimes it is used as a synonym to blogger outreach.

Guest posting is a popular way to increase traffic to your website and improve search engine results. You offer educational content for free to websites in your niche. You can link to your site/blog since they offer it free of charge.

Bloggers and editors are aware of your activities and will ask for a fee to publish your content. These “deals” fall under the sponsored post category and are not something Google loves.

Guest posting is not a good idea if you are looking to increase links. It can also bring other benefits that we will discuss later.

Is guest blogging an effective link building strategy?

How the entire process is managed will determine the answer. Is it possible Buy Guest Post to create actionable and insightful guest content? Are your guest articles published on high-authority websites in your niche? Are you able to link to great content from your blog?

Guest posting can be a great way to build links.

Guest blogging shouldn’t be about just links. Unfortunately, there are many Buy good Guest Post companies and agencies who think this way. They end up publishing low quality content on spammy sites in order to get backlinks.

This misuse makes guest posting less effective as a link-building tactic. Google recommended that editors tag guest posts with no-follow tags just as they were revising this article.

Guest posting will still be possible Why? It brings many benefits if done correctly.

Guest posting has many benefits

It’s a great way for you to reach your target audience by publishing quality content Guest post platform on respected sites in your industry. Sites are letting you shine and proving to their visitors that they are worth listening to.

They can pass some of their trust on to you. This can be a great way to build brand trust and increase brand recognition for new businesses, especially for those just starting out.

Guest blogging is a great way to network. It is used by some businesses to network with industry influencers.

A few guest posts are all that is required to start the collaboration. If you are lucky enough to have something of value, the collaboration can develop into recommendations and research projects.

Last but not least, the possibility to generate valuable referral traffic. Your guest post may be read by people who click on the links in it. This could lead to them landing on your site. Some of these people might be potential buyers and are willing to download your lead magnets, or schedule a consultation.

What type of content do editors prefer to publish?

There are some types of guest posts editors love to publish. The type of post will Where to buy backlinks depend on the audience that a site/blog caters to. However, we can identify formats that are popular across all industries.

  1. How to guides are very popular as audiences love them because they show how to solve specific problems.
  2. Listicles are even more popular than how tos. You can pick how detailed you want them to go and how many points you want to include.
  3. A case study is another great type of guest post. It’s basically a showcase for work accomplishment. These are similar to how-tos but they focus on one case and guide you through it in great detail.

How to distinguish between good and poor guest posts

The content and appearance of guest posts will depend on the site that you pitch, as well your goals for guest posting. There are some rules you should follow:

  • A guest post that is well-written should be unique to the website it will be posted on.
  • It should adhere to the site’s guidelines
  • It should be able to recognize the structure (intro. main part. conclusion) and not contain grammatical errors.
  • Most importantly, guest posts should be valuable to readers. This could be in the form actionable tips, examples or personal experiences.

Your guest post should contain quality content. Here’s a brief guide to writing a great guest post.

Bad guest posts are everything that a great post is not:

  • It rehashes information that everyone already knows
  • The content is thin or plagiarized
  • It is filled with spelling, grammar, and syntactical errors.
  • It is of no use to the reader

There are many myths about guest posting.

  • Guest posting has ended. Guest posting will continue to be a popular option as long as there is a need for new content on blogs and backlinks remain a ranking signal. It might shift to more brand awareness and less on links over time.
  • You don’t need to be a well-respected writer Many editors will request your writing samples. Start with smaller blogs to build your portfolio and then work your way up.
  • One email = 1 guest post. You can do what you like! You should be prepared to send many emails. There are many factors that can impact your outreach effectiveness, and you will learn how to improve it over time.
  • Guest posts are not possible on large websites. It is difficult, but not impossible. Because they have stricter guidelines, and require high quality content, it takes more effort and time.
  • It is not worth it. This is what worked for our clients with the right content strategy and SEO.

Standard guest posting process

Guest blogging is very popular but is often outsourced by digital agencies such as Point Viable, because it is resource-intensive. Agencies have access expensive SEO and outreach tools that can streamline the process and reduce costs.

We will be describing a standard guest posting procedure. This process can be used in any niche with a few tweaks.

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