There are reasons why people still remember the 80s as a decade of music. Is it possible to forget the decade that rocked the world with music? A big NO. The 80s are still remembered for their costume parties and live rock bands. People still want to play Grace Slick of Bob Dylan and dance like crazy. They are fond of theme parties and live bands with 80s party music. The 80s was a golden era in the music industry, and people still want to relive it. And that is why you can find numerous bands out there who perform only music from the 80s. If you are also eager, have a throwback 80s party, hire an 80s band and let them play some of the top songs from the era. Here’s a list of the top artists and songs from the 80s you can play at the next party. 

  • 1980

As soon as the 70s came to an end, disco music’s popularity also started to fade in the 80s. Although there were some disco music hits in the 80s dance party too. Some of the popular hits in the 80s dance list included Celebration by Kool and the Gang, Stomp by the Brothers Johnson, I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross, and Funky Town by one-hit-wonder Lipps Inc. The 80s cover band you hire must be familiar with these tracks; if not, let them know. Telling your preferences to the band will result in a crazy 80s party. 

  • 1981

By 1981, disco was no more than popular. People started to move towards the synth sound of the New Wave. Few among the popular synth-based 80s hits included Just Can’t Get Enough by Depeche Mode, Tainted Love by Soft Cell, and The Tide is High and Rapture by Blondie. The year also saw some Funck hits like Rick James’ Super Freak. There were even more dance hits that came on the top of party hits in that year. 

Listen to these dance hits live by hiring an 80s band. They are mastered in the theme songs they play, and if you suggest them these songs from the 80s, they can make the crowd go crazy. 

  • 1982

This year also had the synth sound over its dance hits list. But the most popular hits in the year included 1999 by Prince, Yazoo’s Don’t go, In The Name Of Love by Thompson Twins, and more. These songs used to be on the top of any dance party, and they still are. You can also experience the electricity these songs had. 80s party music is not going to fade any soon. 

Years after years, the decade saw more dance hits and popular singers. Some of them are still on the top of the 80s theme music list, and many people love it. Thankfully, some 80s music bands let us relive the music era once again. Hiring them for a theme party can never go wrong. 

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