How Primal can Level-up Your Digital Marketing Output

One of the largest challenges faced by small businesses and startups is building brand awareness in a meaningful and cost-effective way. Traditional brand building and marketing strategies struggle to stay ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape, leading many managers and business owners to seek professional help in building their digital marketing programmes. Primal is a professional full-service digital agency in Malaysia with the expertise to help any small business understand and maximise their digital marketing.

The world of digital marketing extends far beyond having a website or posting occasionally on social media. There is technical nuance to what, where, and when marketing content or advertisements should be placed and posted online. Primal’s team of expert marketers introduce their clients to the best digital marketing strategies through an ROI-driven approach.

Below are some of the ways Primal can improve your businesses marketing output.

Improving a Website’s Page Rank

Wireframing, site content, metadata….these are aspects of a website’s backend that play a critical role in a website’s appearance and how search engines find and rank a particular page. For search engines like Google, a page’s look and feel (i.e. photos, color schemes, etc) matters far less than the layout and written content on each page. This is search engine optimization (SEO), and having strong SEO can be the difference between your page appearing at the top of search results or buried beneath thousands of other similar pages.

As a curator and deliverer of information, the search engine holds responsibility to display pages that are of high quality. Each search engine has its own unique set of criteria for what it considers to be “quality”, and will subsequently rank those pages higher in their search results. Primal has built a reputation on understanding the best SEO practices to earn their clients higher page rankings.

Doing so takes both knowledge of what your target audience is looking for as well as what the search engine is looking for.

Creating Killer Social Content

Social media’s ubiquity has made each platform’s available space extremely competitive. A given user may have hundreds of friends or people they follow each sharing daily posts, so how does a business break through and get its content seen on its target audience’s feed? 

The first step would be to understand what the social media platform’s algorithm is looking for. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram actively show users content that will grab their attention and, most importantly, their time. These platforms want users to spend as much time with their product as possible; they show users content that others have engaged with under the assumption that they too will engage with it. One of the examples is when promoting a new product or services, using Instagram Reels is faster and is a compelling way to promote your business to attract an audience.” at the end of the 2nd paragraph under “Creating Killer Social Content” to look more natural in the content

Professional agencies like Primal understand what types of content users prefer to engage with and can help any business get their target audience to engage with what they post. Quality social media content designed for engagement will always perform better than generic posts. 

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