Buying and taking care of your jewelry is a piece of art. It’s not your clothes that you wear once, and leave out for some other occasion. To make sure that your jewelry, especially sterling silver cross necklace for women, requires more care and attention, as it’s rightly said, “invest in jewelry, since it’s something you will wear every day and it’s something that is supposed to make you feel good.”

You guessed it right, today we are talking about silver. Practically not the first choice, but indeed to a most loved one for many who love simplicity. 

Simple yet rich:

Silver is just not another ordinary metal. It can simplify your look and yet give you a rich feel. Silver is known to highlight the beautiful features of people of color. The Met Gala 2021 also saw some amazing silver jewelry styles worn by celebs. 

Highlight your self-esteem:

Gold is something that is depicted more for somebody else rather than yourself. Silver is precious and gives boundless beauty with intricate shine and design. Silver designs speak of practicality in all ways. 

For example, the hand-carved Mandala coin silver necklace by Astrid Schumacher, which is also made of silver and speaks of subtle mediating form.

Silver speaks style:

Today, silver jewelry is practically the trend everywhere, and even the most famous people cannot resist its charm. The silver jewelry can be paired with anything you like and add beauty to whatever you wear. You can either wear a plain silver pendant or combine it with a precious stone like CZ or Labradorite.

Your jewelry is a glimpse of your identity:

Jewelry identifies you as a person; You can be a celebrity, a business person, a student, or simply a jewelry lover. Silver jewelry can make you fall in love with yourself again. 

Now that we know how much silver can change our look, we must know that wearing silver is associated with many health benefits. So, from ancient India to the intriguing Boho culture, let’s understand why silver has paced up in the frontal!

Psychotherapy and mental health therapies.

Silver is used in several psychotherapies and mental health treatments. For example, accessories like silver spinners, silver charm bracelets, and silver rings have helped patients relieve anxiety. 

In Vedic literature, silver is associated with the planet Jupiter and also the Moon, and so it carries a water balancing property that is known to keep the body calm.

Silver, the ultimate germ fighter.

Metals are extracted from the wombs of the earth. Long before silver gained popularity in the masses and artisans, the ancient wise sages and health experts already knew about the powerful medicinal properties of silver before science justified it.

Along with the Indian subcontinent, Greece, Rome, and many Western countries also promoted silver’s antibacterial effects. For this reason, the rich households preferred consuming food, drink beverages in vessels made of silver. 

Silver is self-sanitizing and non-toxin.

Silver is a metal known to be non-toxic and non-allergic to the skin. Scientifically, it’s been proven that silver nitrate is essential for treating various skin infections like corns and warts. So people with burns and allergies can also wear silver since it is considered a safe metal. 

With all the benefits, silver can heal a person emotionally as well; says who; says the Astrologers, energy healers, cell therapy experts, and even jewelry makers who believe in its healing powers. Silver is associated with many energy chakras of the body.

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