unconscious bias awareness training

Unconscious bias awareness training will give you all the facts you need to know about the functioning of the brain and the interaction of the subconscious and conscious mind. More importantly, once we are more cognisant of these realities and the positive and negative aspects, we also learn that change is possible in the sense that we do have the ability to make real choices if we can practise high levels of awareness and reflection. 

The important thing to note is that introspection and breaking down barriers within ourselves is the first step towards having the capacity to break down barriers with others. Self-awareness focus increasingly produces more intimate knowledge of the self in terms of our character as individuals. We come to face our personalities honestly and the roots of their evolution. The drivers for our actions, values, beliefs, and emotions are laid increasingly bare, calling us to take accountability for their future shaping. 

Connecting through awareness

The practice ground of self-awareness naturally leads us to be more tolerant, empathic, and curious about the true nature of other individuals’ characters and perceptions. When we step into the realm of unconscious bias online training, we will not be overwhelmed by the extent of the work to be done by us all in understanding our past shaping. This will allow us to step back and analyse what we need to do differently to connect more genuinely with others’ authentic personalities, even as they grow and develop in this area as well. 

Unconscious bias awareness training actually teaches that persistence, perseverance, and resilience are all required to break down barriers as better and better appreciation of others in a more holistic manner is not a short-term achievement. Everyone needs to commit to a process of increased awareness to facilitate more effective interactions where sharing and dialogue can take place in a safe space. It is a gradual, often incremental movement towards weaving new insights into our cognitive patterns. 

Unconscious bias awareness training also confronts the fact that different people operate on different levels of both personal and interpersonal awareness. We need to learn what we need to practice to move up in the evolution of our awareness to increase our chances of breaking down the barrier that we desire to eliminate. 

unconscious bias awareness training

Seeking difference

The more we are able to differentiate people in terms of their uniqueness, as opposed to operating on the basis of generalisations, the better we will fare. If we get into the habit of actively seeking out what is special and distinctive about others, the more we will come to afford them the respect and opportunity they deserve. 

Unconscious bias online training offers many opportunities to expose ourselves to new experiences and situations that will influence us both consciously and unconsciously to pause and introduce new information and data into our thinking. As we grapple with the various aspects of the interplay of the unconscious and conscious mind, by practising awareness, a byproduct will be increased emotional intelligence. There is no doubt that increasing levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence go hand in hand with breaking down barriers.

To really connect and have more constructive personal relationships with others, we must be in touch with where others are at. This helps us make the right judgements and responses, especially where more is at stake or relations are more fragile in their infancy. If we also come to understand during unconscious bias training that the mind is incredibly powerful and our ally, we will appreciate the opportunity to build pathways around barriers as a result of awareness. 

By ashish

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