In this article we will go through each of the main elements of Brochure Printing & Brochure Designing Services. Brochure Designing: Step-1 Plan your content it must be short & carry high level specifications. Brochure graphics often combine text content, schematic & visual representation. Content must be unique & images you are using that must be your own. This will safeguard you from copyright act. Step-2 Hire a Graphic Designer who can transform your ideas from paper to digital format. Ask your graphic designer to provide you print ready file for Printing Services & Pdf Brochure file for uploading your Brochure on your website & e-mail Marketing / Digital Marketing. Step-3 Points to be cross checked while designing is going on, Brochure Inside Pages must have introduction part like about us / Vision / Mission etc. including specification of products & services. Mean to say make sure your Brochure speaks about your present & future plans. Do overlook the content of Brochure for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Brochure Cover page must carry high definition Graphic Images, Logo, Company Name & Punch Line (Tag Line). Don’t utilize the cover page of Brochure for content about services, products & quality policies etc. Brochure Back Cover must carry your contact details. Even you can ask your reader to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your social media platforms, Prompting the reader to use specific discount coupon to buy one get one free on services or products you are offering, asking reader to call or email you directly, giving the reader reward points which can be redeemed while they visit your store etc. Brochure Printing: Step-1 You can order online brochure printing. Brochure starts at Rs. 3.5 per piece for 1000 Brochures and that price includes four colour printing both sides on 130gsm glossy art paper. Additional features will cost extra like for paper thickness options, matte / gloss / UV lamination, creasing, Binding for multiple page brochures for providing soft copy or pdf version as well. Step-2 Select Brochure Size: It could be A4 Brochure (One Page), A4 Brochure Front Back Printed, A4 Brochure 2 Panel, A4 Brochure 3 Panel, A3 Brochure 2 Panel, A3 Brochure 3 Panel; Booklet Brochure with multiple pages, Special Sizes & Shapes can be made as per your requirement. Step-3 Select Brochure Paper Type : 130gsm, 170 gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm with or without pocket on last page Inside Back Cover for keeping some extra flyers of extra products, this pocket can be utilized for who are in a planning to add extra products or services later. Step-4 Select Brochure Lamination – Matte & Gloss Regular or Thermal Lamination / UV Effect: Lamination is not recommended for 130gsm & is Optional for 170gsm but compulsory for 250gsm & above paper thickness because when paper thickness increases, while creasing or binding process paper will crack if there is no lamination. It is must to safeguard your product. Keep these points in mind when you create a Brochure that will become powerful Online & Offline marketing tool for your company. Brochures generally have longer shelf-life in comparison of other marketing materials and are often designed to last for one or more years. Major point to be consider is they need significant time for planning & development.

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