Pre-Election Fever Brewing

Pre-Election Fever Brewing

So far the election campaigning in the UK is pretty low key – with no date yet fixed – but there are rumbles growing. It was a week or so ago that I heard Evan Davies scoffing at Cameron’s air brushed posters. (I see Evan has blogged about the interview here.) I have now seen the posters for myself and they are pretty smarmy to say the least.

It is clear there has been a fair bit of air-brushing going on:

Obviously I love a bit of photoshop to improve on a picture … and I am pretty sure dear Obama’s team of little helpers will have helped him into office by using a fair bit of pimping and primping to make him look dashing.

Nevertheless I enjoyed myself participating in this particular meme where you can produce your own version of Cameron’s campaign. This is my attempt:

I was referring to the Tory ideas of improving Teacher Education. . Have a laugh … read about it here.

The 2005 election saw a fair bit of use of the Internet to promote their messages, but no doubt it will be used more this time around. But I am pretty sure also, that there will be a lot more stuff buzzing around the Internet which will be about the election campaign as opposed to part of the campaign. I wonder if this will make people feel more a part of the process? And I wonder if this kind of participation will encourage more people to actually vote.

Check out the urban dictionary for definition of a meme.

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