Regionalism In The Greatest Democracy

India, being the seventh largest country in the world, is spread across a vast region. From the foot of the Himalayas to Kanyakumari, this country poses numerous types of human races. Divided into 28 states and 7 central provinces, this greatest democracy of the world has a population of more than 1150 millions. Having a very imbalanced nature of population, the nation stands out with different densities in different regions. Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc. have become the economic hubs alluring numerous people. Along with economic growth, the country demands an open notion in human ideas beyond regionalism. Unfortunately that demand hasn’t been fulfilled completely even after 61 years of achieving freedom.

Even in this age of globalization, we can find a myriad of people knowing nothing outside their villages. Brides covering even their faces with veils are unaware of the happenings of their own surroundings. 60% of the total population is illiterate, therefore we aren’t able to read and write. Newspapers are futile for them.

At this juncture, television plays a great role as mass media in educating people. Hence demand for responsibility from television is a lot. It’s their duty to create nationalism in the Indian citizens. Unfortunately, on the contrary, some of the programs encourage regionalism. Terms like north India, south India, east and west India, and even north east India uttered in the programs create a sense of division in the citizens.

There is no place like Koshal, Telangana, and Vidarbha existing in this country. But they are referred to as the separate parts of states Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra respectively. Who can explain them? Only with the utterance of these words, it can be argued, one supports the separation of these places. It’s better to name them only after they have been formed into separate states.

I can cite one example from the popular show ‘Saregamapa-little champs’. In this so-called show, the anchor always refers to words like “Someone belongs to North India. So he has got maximum votes from that part. Someone belongs to South India, but he has got maximum votes from north east India.” I am not against the utterance of words like this. But I think they should be used for convenience in communication. We have the greatest convenience to refer to places and it’s by the name of the states which are mainly formed with reference to the language spoken in the respective regions. I don’t think any more division is needed in this country.

I have cited a very small and general example. What I intend to say is that people should do away with any small or big attempt towards breaking our nation whether consciously or unconsciously. This is the high time we fought for division. Let’s have total concentration and fight for development, against illiteracy and ignorance. Only development! This is my point. I think I have made it. What do you think? Please let me know.

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