The Employee Has To Get Auctioned

We are living in a difficult time. Many people have the same opinion. But it can be said that not everything is going against the interests of the present time. There are terrorism, regionalism, religious issues, and many national and international crises taking place. At the same time, every country is coming forward with an economic boom; and what matters to people more is that most of them are getting rid of poverty.

A secured job is the priority of every middle class individual. And why shouldn’t it be? As a matter of fact, a secured job secures many things in one’s life. Once upon a time, one might be facing difficulties in finding a perfect job for him or her, and then maintaining it was also a serious thing to be concerned about. One was not sure whether he or she would get another job or not, if the existing one slips out of the hands. Fortunately, the same thing is not an issue nowadays.

In many fields, there are numerous jobs. The job world is so vast that both the freshers and experienced people don’t have to worry about getting and maintaining the same. There are even lots of sites like naukri.com, timesjobs.com, monster.com that provide one with the information of hyped openings. All that one needs to do is to market him or her in a proper way. Yes, the word is ‘MARKET’.

At this juncture, every individual is like a human product. And one has just to sell himself. It is different from the times of slavery in the context that here the seller is the ‘job aspirant’ himself and the buyer is a company. The companies auction for their favorite and required employee; and the first bid is from the employee himself. As always, the highest bidder is going to be the winner.

The process of present time is that a job aspirant goes to a company to know how much he means for the same. But it is not beyond everyone’s imagination that just after a few years, we are going to see the companies on a common platform. The aspirants will be called and auctioned by all the representatives of the companies. And they are going to select the highest bidder as their employer.

Present time is called the age of advertising. Publicity and advertising is posing the capacity of making a worthless product valuable. Right kind of promotion makes a general product seem important. As we have also referred to individuals as the products in the job world, they also have to indulge themselves in promotion. They have to apply all the advertisement rules on themselves to enhance their value. And, how to do it? Well, each and every individual is different from each other. One definitely has something that others don’t have. They just have to highlight the unique characteristics they pose not giving much stress on the general tendency. Hiding the weaknesses or not giving spotlight to them is also a good idea. So how much do you cost?

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