Whether you are in the pool, spa, or holidaying at the beach, swimwear is the ultimate essential. Swimwear is expected to be the most comfortable piece of clothing. It should not only comfort you inside the pool but should also make you feel confident with your body shape while enjoying your suntan at the beach. An iconic body positivity swimwear can be a real game-changer in many different ways. But out of all the swimwear out there in the market, the most difficult part is to choose the one that can comfort you like no other. The exposed tummy button is the new normal when it comes to a bikini. Talking about the women’s swim bottoms and shorts, choosing a bottom that will suit your body shape perfectly is a hard choice to make. Here are a few types of bikini bottoms that you can consider as per your body shape.

High-cut bikini bottoms

High cut women’s swim bottoms are ideal wear for the beach or cruise ships. These bottoms streamline the silhouette by giving an illusion of longer legs. It softly hugs your curves and looks extremely flattering as a swimwear bottom. If you belong to the category of extremely slim legs and less wide hips then there are chances that these bikini bottoms may draw complete attention to the hip bones. Whereas if you are the one with curvy and wider hips, these bottoms will draw the attention towards your waist.

High cut bathing suit bottoms are perfect for women with a round bottom. Because that way you get to flaunt your curves perfectly. Even if you have a flatter bottom, you can go for the high cut bottom that offers full coverage. Whether you are in the mood of getting tanned at the beach or looking for better support and more freedom to move while playing volleyball, the high cut bottom is the one you need. These bottoms will never let you down. In case you wish to wear something that’s more revealing, try considering bottoms with side ties. They are an ideal match for all those who will be either swimming in the calm water or basing in the sunshine!

Hipster swimwear bottoms

Hipster bottoms are best for women with slim hips. These bottoms do not bring out your waist but they definitely showcase your cleavage in the best possible way. No more worries about your hips being slim or small, hipster women’s swim bottoms are there at your rescue. With these bottoms, your waistline looks fuller and sexy even if you have slim hips. In order to add more volume, you can try considering bottoms with frills, bows, etc.

Bikini shorts

All the women who wish to make their lower halves look smaller and hips streamlined should go for bikini shorts. These are such women’s swim bottoms that create an illusion of perfect bottom and showcase your assets with flair. Bikini shorts are ideal for swimming as they provide great support and freedom. Whether you wish to get sporty or just want to soak up in the beach towel, bikini shorts are what you need. Make your beach day count by wearings something that is extremely comfortable and relaxing.

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