Delhi-NCR residents seeking to bring the beauty of nature into their homes and gardens need not look further than Urvann. As a leading online nursery, Urvann offers an extensive selection of stunning plants, including indoor plants, outdoor plants, herbs and vegetable plants, succulents, and a wide range of gardening supplies. This article explores the diverse range of plants available at Urvann, along with gardening essentials like plastic planters. Discover the convenience and joy of shopping for beautiful plants and gardening supplies online in Delhi-NCR.

Indoor Plants

Urvann provides an array of indoor plants to add life and freshness to your living spaces. From air-purifying Snake Plants and elegant Peace Lilies to vibrant Philodendrons and low-maintenance ZZ Plants, there’s a perfect indoor plant for every home or office. Shop online plants in Delhi and transform your interiors into serene and green havens.

Outdoor Plants: Create Stunning Gardens and Balconies

Bring vibrancy to your outdoor spaces with Urvann’s collection of outdoor plants. Choose from a variety of flowering plants like Roses, Hibiscus, jasmines etc. Urvann’s outdoor plants thrive in the Delhi-NCR climate, enabling you to enjoy a burst of colors in your surroundings.

Herbs and Vegetable Plants: Cultivate Your Own Kitchen Garden

Urvann caters to green enthusiasts looking to grow their own herbs and vegetables. Select from a range of herb plants such as basil, mint, and coriander, or explore vegetable plants like tomatoes, chilies, and leafy greens. With Urvann’s herb and vegetable plants, you can indulge in the joy of harvesting fresh produce from your very own kitchen garden.


Succulents have gained immense popularity for their unique shapes and ability to thrive in various conditions. Urvann offers a wide variety of succulents, including Echeverias, Haworthias, and Aloe Vera. Whether you’re a seasoned succulent collector or a beginner looking for low-maintenance plants, Urvann’s selection is sure to meet your needs.

Gardening Supplies: Essential Tools and Plastic Planters

Alongside a vast array of plants, Urvann also provides essential gardening supplies. Explore their range of gardening tools, fertilizers, potting mix, and watering cans to support your plant care routine. Additionally, Urvann offers a selection of plastic planters that combine durability and style, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Shop Online Plants in Delhi with Ease

Shopping for plants and gardening supplies at Urvann is a hassle-free experience. Their user-friendly website allows you to browse through the extensive collection, view detailed plant descriptions, and select the products that suit your preferences. With convenient online payment options and efficient free next day delivery, Urvann ensures a seamless shopping experience right to your doorstep in Delhi-NCR.

By ashish

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