When you are on a mission to look your finest and dress the best, “bespoke suit or custom suit” is often a quandary that you come across. When the budget is not the concern, and you want a proper quality suit, a little bit of time for research is needed to get you to think about the best choice tailored to you. 

Finding a clothing tailor near you might be a walk in the park, but finding the right clothing tailor to suit your needs that only comes with a great experience. And trust me, you want all the experience you can get.

In this article, I would like to take you through various clothing vocabulary terms used when it comes to mens suits, I will highlight the difference between these terms, and finally, you get to decide the kind of clothes you need. 

  • Off the Rack

OTR suits are those that you see which are ready to be worn. A “one size 42 size fits all” approach is what’s been sold during this experience. You have a suit that is made and ready to be worn. 

It is the cheapest and most quick option for anyone looking for suits. These suits generally don’t fit you perfectly, but if you are looking for a suit at the last minute, these would certainly help. A tailor might help adjust minor details to fit the suit a little better suited to your body frame.

  • Made to Measure

MTM suits are made from a basic pattern and are modified based on your body type. This means that there would be a slight bit of modification done to the basic design of the suit offered by the house cutter/ master tailor. 

You can customize your choice of buttons, pocket style, vent options, cuffs and pant pleats. It’s just a standard suit that is meant to fit your frame. You don’t get to showcase too much of your creativity here. It is more expensive than OTR but certainly more tailored to you.

  • Custom 

Custom suits are more expensive than made to measure but are further tailored to fit you best. Custom suits are also crafted using fine textiles that would flatter your body frame. These suits have the option to use sewing machines whenever possible to speed up the stitching time. You need to come here for one or maybe two fittings. 

It’s a quicker process than bespoke suit, and if you plan on wearing your suit about 15-20 times a year, it’s the perfect choice for you as you get to custom design everything you want in your suit, and you don’t have to wait as long as with a bespoke suit. When going for a custom suit, it is essential to look at the tailor’s previous craftsmanship.

  • Bespoke

Bespoke literally means the suit has been spoken for by you: it is highly customized and designed for you, and ONLY you. Celebrities and royalties like Prince Philip love the personalized experience of getting these suits made. This is a centuries-old tradition that is highly recommended for you to try. 

Yes, it is expensive, but you are paying high bucks for the quality and craftsmanship. Almost the entire suit is handmade. Oxford’s record of 1000 stitches on the lapel of a suit is proof of the dedication your tailor puts into crafting this for you.  

These suits are crafted with materials built to last you 2-3 decades of weak wear. You get the perfect silhouette crafted for you. 

This way, you look your best. Bespoke suits are the final word in the garment industry. If budget and time are not a concern for you, I highly recommend visiting an expert tailor near you and experiencing this centuries-old tradition for yourself. 

We at Tiefenbrun craft bespoke suits that have been featured in GQ, the New York Times etc. You can book your appointment with us here.

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